Daddy's Boy

[PDF] Daddy's Boy | by ☆ Shandana Minhas [PDF] Daddy's Boy | by ☆ Shandana Minhas - Daddy's Boy, Daddy s Boy None

  • Title: Daddy's Boy
  • Author: Shandana Minhas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • [PDF] Daddy's Boy | by ☆ Shandana Minhas - Daddy's Boy, Daddy s Boy None

    • [PDF] Daddy's Boy | by ☆ Shandana Minhas
      254Shandana Minhas
    Daddy's Boy

    One thought on “Daddy's Boy

    1. Perhaps the only thing that made the book readable all the way through is the author s writing and expression, although by page 90 of the 218 page book, it was all too transparent and boring A quick and very predictable read, it is difficult to identify exactly what the novel is about, which perhaps was possibly only explained in the last line of chapter 6, leaving a reader almost as infuriated and lost as the protagonist himself I would suggest read only for the expression and bits of wit throw [...]

    2. No doubt the book is beautifully written but the plot looses its grip midway Despite the humor and surprises in the last chapters, the reader will find it hard to have any anticipation view spoiler In the final chapters, when the plot of the wicked uncles is revealed, one wonders whether it was the most efficient and convenient way to get hold of the meager amount inherited by Asfandyar hide spoiler

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