The Book of Swords

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of Swords : by Gardner Dozois K.J. Parker Robin Hobb Ken Liu Matthew Hughes Kate Elliott Walter Jon Williams Daniel Abraham [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of Swords : by Gardner Dozois K.J. Parker Robin Hobb Ken Liu Matthew Hughes Kate Elliott Walter Jon Williams Daniel Abraham - The Book of Swords, The Book of Swords Fantasy fiction has produced some of the most unforgettable heroes ever conjured onto the page Robert E Howard s Conan the Barbarian Michael Moorcock s Elric of Melnibon Fritz Leiber s Fafhrd and t

  • Title: The Book of Swords
  • Author: Gardner Dozois K.J. Parker Robin Hobb Ken Liu Matthew Hughes Kate Elliott Walter Jon Williams Daniel Abraham
  • ISBN: 9780399593765
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of Swords : by Gardner Dozois K.J. Parker Robin Hobb Ken Liu Matthew Hughes Kate Elliott Walter Jon Williams Daniel Abraham - The Book of Swords, The Book of Swords Fantasy fiction has produced some of the most unforgettable heroes ever conjured onto the page Robert E Howard s Conan the Barbarian Michael Moorcock s Elric of Melnibon Fritz Leiber s Fafhrd and t

    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of Swords : by Gardner Dozois K.J. Parker Robin Hobb Ken Liu Matthew Hughes Kate Elliott Walter Jon Williams Daniel Abraham
      245Gardner Dozois K.J. Parker Robin Hobb Ken Liu Matthew Hughes Kate Elliott Walter Jon Williams Daniel Abraham
    The Book of Swords

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    1. Fantasy is pervaded by legendary weapons, by weapons of awesome power and history the kind that belonged to kings, queens and heroes However, fantasy is also full of ordinary swords, swords that belonged to the common man defending his family, ceremonial swords that have caught the eye of infamous thiefs and swords that are worn and dull having spent years in service to a solider in numerous battles What the writers here do is take the idea of the sword and play with it, showing its significance [...]

    2. The Book of Swords is a compilation of short stories I list my reviews in the order I read them, not the order they appear in the book These aren t reviews for all the short stories, but rather the ones I found interesting.The Sons of the Dragon by George R.R MartinAegon the Conqueror had two sisters who were also his wives With each of his wives he had one son His oldest son and heir Aenys was born to Rhaenys His youngest son Maegor was born to Visenya The Sons of the Dragon tell the history of [...]

    3. The Book of Swords Bantam, 30, 521 pages is yet another Gardner Dozois compilation, and this one focuses on what he refers to as sword and sorcery For the most part, this means pre industrial fantasy with magic, and a certain mythic undercurrent that gives the stories a little heft.As always with such compendiums, there are winners and losers, and the most surprising loser is the George R.R Martin story The Sons of the Dragon that concludes the volume Martin seems like he had a contract to fulf [...]

    4. Overall a good anthology of stories about Sword and sorcery There are some big names in here Robin Hobb, Scott Lynch, K.J Parker, GRRM and plenty Some stories are better than others as one would expect from this sort of book I m not going to rate each one individually or review each one Ultimately an anthology is put together for a reason, everyone is going to have a different opinion on each story And some of them I didn t feel strongly about either way Obviously I really enjoyed Robin Hobb s [...]

    5. Okay I started leaving comments after every story I read, but quickly abandoned this idea As with any anthology you get some good and some bad apples in the same basket To keep it brief, I think it is worth buying this book just for these incredible five stories The Best Man Winsby K.J Parker 5 5 Quintessential KJ Parker If you are not familiar with his writing quick interjection why not this is a perfect place to start Intricate story, attention to detail, immersive despite its length all round [...]

    6. ReviewI m not much of a short story person, but I keep being drawn to picking up these Gardner Dozois anthologies After having mixed results with some of his others, this one may be my favorite It s likely due to theme I love sword stories Most of these are fantasy stories, but not all of them I liked the vast majority of them, and only really disliked one of them My favorites of the bunch are The Mocking Tower by Daniel Abraham and Hrunting by C.J Cherryh.I enjoyed the Scott Lynch story, though [...]

    7. First point Despite what Gardner Dozois says in the introduction, I don t think I d necessarily regard this as a collection of sword sorcery stories in the same way as Paula Guran s recent Swords Against Darkness, or even Strahan Anders Swords Dark Magic I d consider it of a spiritual successor to Robert Silverberg s Legends anthology, or, I m guessing, some of the other Dozois anthologies Warriors, Rogues, Dangerous Women, etc that I admit I haven t read yet a collection of mostly secondary wo [...]

    8. Indifference is the best term to describe my reaction to this anthology, specifically to the short story Sons of the Dragon by George R R Martin that was my motivation to read this.But why To put it as succinctly as possible a because it s a mediocre story, poorly edited and uninteresting b because it s neither new nor surprising, Martin already had read this short story at conventions before and fans who keep an eye on his comings and goings already knew of its contents c because it s a show of [...]

    9. You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.I ve always thought that short stories were so much harder for authors to nail To be able to compress a whole narrative within 30 to 100 pages seemed like a task only a God could manage Only a few authors are able to find an idea, foreshadow it and deliver a stunning ending that will make you realize just how clever those last couple of pages were In fact, being able to deliver a clever narrative is what I also look for in all my stories, wheth [...]

    10. I m probably among the very few people on this planet who did NOT buy this anthology just for the Song of Ice and Fire story Having no high hopes for any of the authors is always a good way to start off an anthology.For this year, Gardner Dozois decided to come up a sword and sorcery book made up exclusively of novelettes The similar length of all stories here is also the reason why this was the first time I read all the stories in the order they are printed Which was retrospectively a good idea [...]

    11. Solid but unspectacular collections of sword stories Most of the stories were okay with a few notables from Cherryh my favorite , Nix, Larson, Bear and Tidhar The only stinker in the bunch was from Martin, seems nowadays even his short stories are bloated.Save your money and borrow it from the library.6 10

    12. I ll probably get around to reading some of the other stories in this book, but I bought it for the GRRM story, which he read at a con a few years ago Its not even a new story I paid full ebook price, and my only excuse is I m ASOIAF addict SHAME.

    13. Book of Sword is awesome, even so for Sword Sorcery or Heroic fantasy fans In fact are any of the anthology books that Dozois and Martin have done together not awesome I loved all the stories except one, but don t let that one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel because these apples are fit for the gods I m sincerely hard pressed to name a favorite of the bunch Book of Swords is a shout out to the masters Howard, Lieber, and Moorcock and David Gemmell he needs to be recognized too whose works a [...]

    14. Very excited for this anthology but might have to wait for the paperback or a kindle sale , mostly because of Robin Hobb s story Here s what she said about it Have you ever wondered how other people saw Fitz Usually, the readers experiences him as a first person character But my story in the Book of Swords takes place in a small fishing village during the early years of the Red Ship Wars and Forging In Her Father s Sword Fitz is a character, though not the main focus of the tale Source

    15. I ll be posting reviews on the stories from this book as soon as I read them.The Sons of the Dragon George R.R MartinI finally caved in to the very strong urge of reading this not so new material of fake history It is indeed a rough draft There are some typos still We will definitely see a polished version of it in the Fire and Blood book whenever it comes out it might be before The Winds of Winter if you believe George s blog There are many, many new names, but I just need to applaud George fo [...]

    16. I m in simpatico with Dozois preface than his selections Chronicling his early quest for Fafhred and the Grey Mouser is something I understood well Though I was lucky, by the time the 80 s came around all the Lankhmar, Elric, and Conan had been collected into nice chronological packages.The stories here are fine a bit too unserious for my taste Though the tale of the Death Kiss is top notch.Martin s entry is a expansion of ancient GOT lore than much of a narrative, and I can t see anyone, but [...]

    17. I received an advance copy of the book via NetGalley Thanks, NetGalley Yeah, just dipping into this collection for now to read the George R.R Martin novella, The Sons of the Dragon the following review refers only to that piece.Martin continues his teases of Westeros history, written as in world accounts of some of the key events in the turbulent reign of the Targaryens This entry covers the years of Aegon the Conqueror s successors intellectual, beloved, yet indecisive Aenys and his half brothe [...]

    18. This is a really good anthology All of the stories were enjoyable to me, some than others, but still All were good My favorites though My favorite stories are arguably the following two Story 1 The Best Man Wins by K.J ParkerEven though I saw the ending coming from almost the first moment, I really loved how we reached that ending I don t think we were ever told the narrator s name, but he was a pretty wonderful character I really enjoyed the story as he told it And.Story 9 A Long, Cold Trail b [...]

    19. Since this is a work of short stories, I decided that I would update this review with each story that I read instead of waiting until the end As always, short story collections are a mixed bag, and my review will reflect an average of each short story The Best Man Winsby K.J ParkerThis is the intriguing tale of sword smith and a persistent young man who wishes to buy a sword from him, and then wants the sword smith to train him on how to use it I found this story to be a little predictable I fig [...]

    20. Moeilijk om hier een rating aan te geven vanwege de uiteenlopende stijlen binnen het Swords Sorcerers Fantasy genre Absolute hoogtepunten waren de verhalen van George R R Martin als A Song of Ice and Fire fan geen verrassing voor mij , K.J Parker en Scott Lynch Deze drie short stories respectievelijk The Sons of the Dragon, The Best Man Wins, en The Smoke of Gold is Glory kan ik iedereen aanraden, hoewel het verhaal van George R.R Martin meer een stukje geschiedschrijving is uit de wereld van Ga [...]

    21. In The Book of Swords , Gardner Dozois has successfully produced another amazing anthology of some of the greatest authors in science fiction and fantasy I greatly enjoyed his introduction describing the history of the sub genre of sword and sorcery as it gave a title to one of my favourite sub genres in fantasy, while also introducing me to authors I had not heard of before The collection of stories themselves are spectacular, with each one bringing the reader on a new quest or introducing them [...]

    22. I came to this book, as most people likely did, looking forward to the new Westeros history by George R.R Martin, but was also delighted to see the book would include tales from Daniel Abraham and Scott Lynch among others Both of their works were some of my favorites in the collection.Some other favorites The Best Man Wins Predictable outcome, but just a well written, enjoyable read.The Sword of Destiny Hughes Both interesting world building and the most amusing to read tale in the book.The Triu [...]

    23. Very mixed bunch The introduction classifies these stories as sword and sorcery, but I wouldn t have considered some to fit that sub genre Some were very gritty.My favorite story was by Ken Liu, which had a feeling of Asian culture and religion.I also really enjoyed the story by Ellen Kushner, a prequel to Swordspoint.Least favorite was by Elizabeth Bear.The George RR Martin story was boring and probably would not be accessible to anyone who hadn t already read or watched Game of Thrones is not [...]

    24. I ve been reading various anthologies by Gardner Dozois since I was about 9 years old He has a well deserved reputation as one of the best editors in modern fantasy I was thrilled with this collection of sword and sorcery stories.I have to admit that I didn t read all of the stories in this collection I m holding off on the Robin Hobb story until I finally get around to reading her books My favorite stories in this collection are The best man wins by KJ Parker, The Mocking Tower by Daniel Abraha [...]

    25. While I enjoyed most of these stories, these were my favorites The Best Man Wins by K J Parker I Am a Handsome Man, Said Apollo Crow by Kate Elliott The Sword Tyraste by Cecelia Holland, and, my pick for the best story because I love, love, love this series The Sons of the Dragon by George R R Martin I love to read anything that has to do with this series, and this was no exception.

    26. I picked this book of short stories up because it had story by George R.R Martin in it set in the GOT world I needed a fix since the show is off the air and the next book may or may not ever been completed The collection revels is classic sword and sorcery tales I have to say most were quite enjoyable I would recommend the book to anyone who is a fan of the genre.

    27. I was rather disappointed in this book There are 15 short stories in this collection and only 4 of them were worth reading But then again, it s hard to develop a decent story in just 40 pages.Kate Elliott I Am a Handsome ManRick Larsen Colgrid ConundrumElizabeth Bear The King s EvilCecilia Holland The Sword Tyraste

    28. confession i m marking this as read but i actually only read the story Robin Hobb wrote because, despite everything, i am still so thirsty for new Fitz content shrug emoji

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