Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond)

Unlimited Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond) - by C. Higson Unlimited Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond) - by C. Higson - Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond), Silverfin Young Bond

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Unlimited Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond) - by C. Higson - Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond), Silverfin Young Bond

  • Unlimited Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond) - by C. Higson
    319C. Higson
Silverfin: 1 (Young Bond)

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  1. The book of this week has been Silverfin , the first volume of The Young James Bond series by Charlie Higson I must say that I read it in English, the only language that is on sale in dead trees mode and ebook In Spanish is discontinued for years these morons editors.I must also say that I approached this reading by the fifth series book over two years ago as I told you here This first book is much, much better than fifth My opinion has changed radically By Royal Command seemed very for youngers [...]

  2. A faithful and well done adaptation of the young Bond novel of the same name My students loved this to the point of wearing it out Great spy fiction Also check out the Alex Rider books and graphic novels.

  3. I have commented before that Ian Fleming s writing is difficult to emulate but Charlie Higson, writing about James Bond s youth, doesn t have to This origin story of the young Bond does a terrific job of creating a plausible antecedent for the hero we all recognize today The strengths of this story lie in the characterization of a determined and unique young man and the evocative creation of pre war Eton and a foreboding Scottish Loch I am looking forward to reading of this series.

  4. I appreciate that I no longer fit the criteria for the target market but still wanted to test a toe in the Bond genre books.I was not disappointed, the book gripped and did not let go until the last word.You can try to look for the bond nods to the past future or you can enjoy the book for their own sake as either work equally as well.I may not be this bonds target but to paraphrase the end of all the bond movies bond will be back and I ll be reading it.

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