[PDF] Egyptians | by ✓ Stephanie Turnbull [PDF] Egyptians | by ✓ Stephanie Turnbull - Egyptians, Egyptians


[PDF] Egyptians | by ✓ Stephanie Turnbull - Egyptians, Egyptians

  • [PDF] Egyptians | by ✓ Stephanie Turnbull
    192Stephanie Turnbull

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  1. A mi hijo de 5 a os le ha encantado dado que estaban dando esta tem tica en el colegio Lo ha le do muy bien aunque el nivel de lectura es alto

  2. I love these Usborne Beginners books They re attractive small, hardbound, printed in a clear font on nice quality paper, and with a generous helping of attractive illustrations and photos But the best thing is the text it s simple and clear without being dumbed down.To give you a sample page 1 People of the Past Egypt is a hot country in north Africa The people who lived there thousands of years ago are called ancient Egyptians This picture is part of an ancient Egyptian wall painting It shows a [...]

  3. This is a great book to introduce kids to the ancient Egyptian culture It is full of very accurate pictures, great art as usual from this publisher The book is 32 pages long, and a great item for new readers It is also useful in VBS or bible study classes.

  4. I teach special needs students While their classmates are learning about Egypt from advanced texts, my students are enjoying reading about Egypt on their level The book is well written, using simple language that makes the information easily accessible It provides the students with basic information as well as some lesser known, but funny facts My students were not so anxious to learn about Ancient Egypt before we started, but after reading a few pages in this book, they were engrossed

  5. I have an English Language Learner in 6th grade She will be able to understand her social studies in ancient history a lot better with this book Younger children often love books about Egypt so I can share it with them also.

  6. This is a great simple summary type book for early grades It touches on a lot of different subjects with just enough text and cool pictures to give the kids ownership of the subject My first grade daughter loved having something on her own level to read, all by herself Great artwork

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