Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics)

[PDF] Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics) | by ↠ Eleanor Porter [PDF] Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics) | by ↠ Eleanor Porter - Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics), Pollyanna Great Illustrated Classics

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[PDF] Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics) | by ↠ Eleanor Porter - Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics), Pollyanna Great Illustrated Classics

  • [PDF] Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics) | by ↠ Eleanor Porter
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Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics)

One thought on “Pollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics)

  1. Nice book that makes you wish you could appreciate things a bit and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

  2. I ve read Pollyanna several times many years ago.It is a wonderful story about optimism and finding a silver lining in any situation.I m still trying to play The Glad Game.I can t and don t expect to live in a moment of total happiness obsession, but The Glad Game can help you focus on what s right in your world today,instead of what s wrong.It is a sweet story that makes you happy.

  3. We are a big reading family, going through 4 books at a time one for car rides, one for after dinner, etc We loved Pollyanna so much, I ordered this one the day we finished Book 1 While one could argue whether book 1 or 2 is the best, it s a bit like arguing about the Godfather series could the second one be as good as the first, without having seen part 1.The first 1 3 of the book starts with Pollyanna in about the same place as book 1 ends Then it suddenly takes a HUGE leap and we meet up with [...]

  4. Well really, Nancy, just because I happened to have a sister who was silly enough to marry and bring unnecessary children into a world that was already quite full enough, I can t see how I should particularly WANT to have the care of them myself Miss Polly, the speaker, knows her duty though and so Nancy is instructed to get an attic room ready for 11 year old PollyannaPORTANT Due to having linked the reviews of Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up together, this review covers them both The second b [...]

  5. My youngest granddaughter and I just finished reading this She is far artistic than academic and I hope to expand that perspective to including reading as an equal player in her life.We began reading this Kindle version of the book About halfway thru I stumbled over a printed version which included pictures I asked her if the pictures were what she had thought the characters looked She said no, I smiled thinking, hoping, she has taken a step into the world of reading.We are now reading the Kind [...]

  6. After reading this book for myself, I have to bite back correcting people who say She s such a Pollyanna when they mean that a person is in deep denial about the negatives of a situation Porter s Pollyanna is well aware of the negative side of things When she can, she makes an active choice to look for the good Even she is sometimes confronted with something too horrible to gladify With that out of the way, this book is snort through your nose funny, and so very charming The many characters Poll [...]

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