The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics)

The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics) Best Read || [Jack London] The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics) Best Read || [Jack London] - The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics), The Call of the Wild Great Illustrated Classics

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The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics) Best Read || [Jack London] - The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics), The Call of the Wild Great Illustrated Classics

  • The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics) Best Read || [Jack London]
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The Call of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics)

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  1. Las novelas narradas desde el punto de vista de un perro, son raras de encontrar, creo que hay dos Fluke de James Herbert y Cujo de Stephen King, pero a n as , son dif ciles de encontrar.Ambientada en Yukon, 1890, durante La Fiebre del Oro, la historia est narrada entercera persona desde la perspectiva de un perro Su nombre es Buck, una mezcla de razas entre San Bernardo y Collie Escoc s Al principio del libro se describe su vida como un cachorro mimado en la casa de un juez, pero el jardinero l [...]

  2. Jack London es el m s grande Aventuras, naturaleza salvaje, la lucha por la vida y el viaje permanente Las ideas que se repiten en las grandes novelas americanas Twain, Kerouac, MaCarthy La mejor esencia de London se destila en esta peque a obra M s tarde la retomar y desarrollar m s en Colmillo Blanco Un cl sico que no muere nunca, para releer una y mil veces Para so ar con Alaska.

  3. Tiene un vocabulario dif cil No apto para quien teniendo un nivel medio quiera practicar ingl s Mejor buscar otra edici n Una pena por que el libro es precioso.

  4. lo unico que no me gusta de la luz de Kindle es que la luz es demasiado fuerte para mis ojos Deberia ser mas como un luz normal dado que solo tiene que iluminar una pagina peque a.

  5. This classic by London is notable for at least two reasons It is the first widely read novel that views life through the eyes and mind of a dog Second, it is written by someone who was keenly aware of the region and situation London was one of the few novelists of his time to actually experience the adventures of which he wrote Whether in the frozen North or the South Seas, he lived the life, drama and all Though limited by the near Victorian restrictions of the time, he still was able to convey [...]

  6. Beautiful story of a dog, Buck, who is a St Bernard from his father s side a sheep dog from his mother s Throughout the story Buck proves that he is a dog like no other His grit and tenacity see him sail through the worst treatment that can be wrought by man on animal Warning If you have a pet or if you are an animal lover it might prove extremely challenging to sail through many parts of the book Just when Buck finally finds a master who he dearly loves and is loved, he hears a call, the call o [...]

  7. While many have tried, no one has come close to matching author Jack London s ability to portray the wild, untamed Yukon One of his best known stories, Call of the Wild, first serialized in magazine form and in 1906 published as a short novel, tells the story of Buck, a muscular dog stolen from his home in Santa Clara Valley, California and sold as a sled dog in Canada s Yukon territory during the gold rush of the 1890s.Torn from his civilized surroundings, Buck taps into his wild origins to bec [...]

  8. This is a thin book and on 68 pages It would be best called a comic book version of Call of the Wild My children really like Raina Telgemeier s graphic novels and I was hoping to get them some classic books similar to hers but this is thin, and the font does not fit in well with the drawing Not to belittle what I am sure was a sincere effort, but it comes off as amateurish It was okay but I would have not bought it had I seen it in person first I would rank higher if it was clearly started that [...]

  9. This is my first experience with this father and I listen to this book in Audible edition This is a short story of a substantial dog who begins as a farm dog in California and is stolen into life at the sled dog in the Yukon This is a brutal book in someways as Buck is beaten into submission and eventually succeeds as an excellent sled dog But the life of a sled dog is not pleasant and Buck struggles through various owners He eventually answers as the title of the book suggests The Call of the W [...]

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