Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library)

☆ Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library) í Roger Hargreaves ☆ Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library) í Roger Hargreaves - Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library), Mr Tickle Mr Men Library

Mr. Men Library0749800003978-0749800000Egmont Books Ltd; Edición: New edition 7 de noviembre de 1992)36 páginasInglés, Español

☆ Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library) í Roger Hargreaves - Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library), Mr Tickle Mr Men Library

  • ☆ Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library) í Roger Hargreaves
    443Roger Hargreaves
Mr. Tickle (Mr. Men Library)

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  1. No me encanta el contenido los personajes normalmente se golpean y las historias presentan situaciones y actitudes que suelo evitar que sucedan en los libros que lee pero a l le encantan Encontr uno de los librillos que ten a yo guardado desde hac a a os Little Miss Naughty y desde entonces es un fan de todos los personajes a pesar de ser bastante peque os en tama o tienen mucho texto y a n as aguanta perfectamente que se los leamos enteros tiene 3 a os.Lo dicho, no mis favoritos por contenido p [...]

  2. I loved this show when I was little so I was happy to find it for my daughter to watch online She mentioned that she would like to know about these characters so It was great to find them on We always like to buy books for gifts and my daughter squealed when she opened this one so needless to say Im one happy momma The books are wonderful and they are not the typical kiddie book Offers adult language such as instead of saying something was really nice they say it was extraordinary Maybe not a [...]

  3. Imagine if you could sit in bed and with your arm, reach out the door, down the stairs and into the refrigerator to take out a cookie Mr Tickle can In some ways, Mr Tickle is a nuisance as his long arms get everywhere Yes it is funny when we tickles the teacher in school but not so funny when he tickles the greengrocer, causing the apples to spill or tickles the station master causing the train to be late.Mr Tickle never apologizes, just goes on his way to see who will be his next victim At the [...]

  4. I bought this for a friend s baby shower but it s HUGE I just wish would put better descriptions of their products I feel like I often get surprised by what actually arrivesThis is a great book but I bought a handful to help the baby start their collection and I want them all to be the same small size I will keep bc it s too much effort to return a 5 item, but order from somewhere else to get the correct sizing

  5. I like the book, but I feel that Mr Tickle should have received a dose of his own medicine at the end i.e one or two of his victims should have tracked him down and one of them should have held him as still as possible while the other gave him a really good tickle and then painted him purple

  6. My child collects this series of books Santa brought it and several for Christmas Like most of the Roger Hargreaves books the story is short and simple Just what we need for an emerging reader

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