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✓ Paula ✓ Isabel Allende - Paula, Paula

  • ✓ Paula ✓ Isabel Allende
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  1. Fue una compra excelente, el producto es perfecto, todo se dio como estaba previsto Excelente recomiendo el producto y el vendedor.

  2. Very well written, a moving story with beautiful discriptions, I could not let it go Would recommend it to anyone

  3. This story was written to honour the life of the author s young daughter who suffers from a life threatening disease Allende follows the family history through the turbulence of the military coup in Chile to their struggle to adapt to a new life in North America after their escape The central character is Paula, her daughter, but each member of this eccentric family plays his or her part in this engrossing, emotionally charged story of love, loss, courage and fear It a pean to the special love b [...]

  4. Wow que historia fascinante de amor, dolor y xito La agilidad de Allende para describir sus emociones causan que el lector se apropie de ellas Su abilidad para entretejer la historia de Chile y latinoamericana durante esos a os conecta a cualquier latinoamericano que vivi esos a os con ese pasado com n que enfrentamos en las d cadas de los sesentas, setentas y ochentas A os de dolor pero de cambio que nos inspiran a apreciar la herencia que podemos transmitir a nuestros hijos nacidos en Estados [...]

  5. And awe inspiring The most incredible journey for a person and a family to take, one shared by many in different ways Wish I had read this as I journeyed with my Mother, down the dark road of dementia.

  6. A writer who can make you laugh, smile, and cry in the same chapter is indeed a writer to be cherished Such is the case with Allende s Paula As a mother, I suffered with Allende s description of her struggle to keep her comatose daughter alive, yet amid the tragedy she could digress and recall earlier periods of laughter and funny irony Even in the midst of the anguish of trying to find a way to communicate with her inert daughter, she found comic relief in the drama of the lives of other patien [...]

  7. I loved this novel because of the way Isabel Allende used to communicate with her dying daughter It made me think in the way mothers try to console their kids when they are sick Most of the time we try to entertain them to keep them away from their pains She does something similar telling her all her past Even though Paula cannot hear, she continues talking and talking about their past Isabel Allende is a great story teller, she transport you in space and in the journey you cannot avoid laughing [...]

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