Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto)

Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto) Best Download || [William Steig] Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto) Best Download || [William Steig] - Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto), Doctor de Soto Doctor de Soto

0613048563978-06130485695 - 8 años32 páginasSan Val; Edición: Turtleback Scho. 1 de septiembre de 1997)Español, Islandés

Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto) Best Download || [William Steig] - Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto), Doctor de Soto Doctor de Soto

  • Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto) Best Download || [William Steig]
    448William Steig
Doctor de Soto (Doctor de Soto)

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  1. A mi hija le ha encantado este libro, y yo tambi n he disfrutado mucho Es la historia de un dentista de animales, pero est muy bien escrito, se nota que es un cl sico americano, y es divertid simo Perfecto para primeros lectores, o para cont rselo a los m s peque os Seguir la colecci n de Steig, seguro Es una delicia.

  2. I m a HUGE Steig fan His books for children are just as much fun for the adults reading them to the tots Dr De Soto and his wife are smart, funny and willing to take on the risk to treat a fox who might just eat them after treatment but they have a terrific surprise in store for him that shows they re no dummies Fun stuff and you cannot beat the illustrations.

  3. These books are excellent for teaching young readers about the elements of story writing It clearly portrays the issue, solutions, and moral take away Would definitely recommend Hope this helps.

  4. Dr DeSoto, a mouse, has a standing policy of never treating predators at his dental practice One day, a fox appears and pleads for help, weeping so that Dr and Mrs DeSoto take pity on him and agree to replace his abscessed tooth While helping him they realize he intends to eat them after his treatment is finished, and they devise a clever way to outwit him while still finishing the job.The story is satisfying on many levels It builds on the principle of Aesop s fable of the crane and the wolf, s [...]

  5. I loved reading this to my daughter regularly in the mid eighties She loved it as well The lesson is compassion and kindness combined with developing a plan to protect yourself not being foolhardy considering circumstances without sounding preachy I gave it to my dentist years ago when he had young daughters I have to say I preferred the original illustration on the cover, although this is adorable too.

  6. This is the story of Doctor De Soto, a mouse who is a dentist to other animals All other animals except dangerous animals, that is dangerous to mice Dr De Soto and his assistant, Mrs De Soto, will not Repeat Not treat cats, no matter what dental pain a cat may be in.But then one day a fox Dangerous Animal stands out on the street beneath the dentist s office and wails in pain from a sore tooth Even though they know they shouldn t do so, the De Soto s allow the fox into their office and Dr De Sot [...]

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